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PapaMau arrives in AustraliaMonday November 19, 2012
No, I haven't disappeared. I've just been having way too much fun coding. It is so incredible being a user of the Java ecosystem. I'm always amazed at what's out there. And the tools... I've been using Netbeans, Jenkins, GitBlit, Jira and Artifactory. All lovely!

The first of our 4 transpacific voyagers has made it to Australia. After a hectic final dash through the East Australia Current, Papa Mau is going to be picked up in the next day or two (the white line on the map). It got far ahead of the other waveglider headed for Australia (Benjamin) when the other took some damage to it's solar panel, so we had it detour (the red line) through Samoa and have a pit stop at a beach resort - our repair technicians get the best business trips.


Ah, but a $5 per diem total expenses allowance would stop them having too much fun, assuming that Catbert takes over as HR director! B^> BTW, Slashdot tells us (repeatedly) that at 40+ we're beyond coding, or at least enjoying it, so fall into line and become a management drone like you're meant to... Rgds Damon

Posted by Damon Hart-Davis on November 19, 2012 at 10:29 AM PST #

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